How YOU can trade like a pro and
suck huge profits from the markets

Dear trading colleague,

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In the next 5 minutes, you will uncover brand new cutting-edge methods that will change your trading results for ever, guaranteed.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Paul Handforth and The Technical Trader Hotsheet by John Piper is about to give you the shock of the year! I'll tell you why in just a moment...

But first... have you ever had a trade that lost? If you're like me, the first few months of trading are super-challenging, with week after week of non-stop losses. It seems to be one step forward and two steps backwards for most of the time. Have you discovered the same?

After a losing period, the feeling in the pit of your stomach is almost too much to bear. Do you know what I mean? Have you felt it too? If so, you're not alone because we've all had times where we felt like it would never "happen" and we were destined never to succeed as a trader.

You are worth far more than them

But allow me to tell you why you are different from these other traders and why your success is almost guaranteed. The reason is very surprising... and by the time you finish reading this page you'll uncover what that is.

You know in your heart there is big money to be made in the markets, right? You heard stories, read about or even met traders who got rich in the markets - and boy do they smile a lot! And why do they smile? Well, there's only one reason: Freedom. What does freedom mean to you...?

  • Freedom from your daily grind...?

  • Go where you want, do what you choose, see who you please...?

  • To wake up on a Monday morning and think "I'm doing nothing today, nothing at all"...?

Can you begin to imagine what you could do with your day if you had the same freedom?

But if you're like me you hear this message almost daily, right? I'm not surprised, we seem to be bombarded daily with one thing after another. It has become a must-have skill nowadays to be able to recognize true value when it presents itself, right?

The Most Priceless Advice

The best piece of advice I ever heard was: "To be successful at anything you do, watch those already doing it successfully - then copy 'em." Plain and simple, yet perhaps the most profound statement you'll ever find, right?

So, if you want to make huge profits trading, seek out those who already did it, learn what they're doing and copy them. It's simple really.

But listen up: if you pick the wrong teacher you will be led down the slippery slope to poverty.

As a serious trader you already know there is simply no substitute for experience, particularly that of consistently winning in today's markets. With over 16 years of real-world, heat-of-the-market, seat-of-the-pants market experience, John Piper is one of the most skilled and successful traders you will uncover in any corner of the world.

Twice per month, The Technical Trader Hotsheet brings you instant expert market advice direct to your fingertips. This information is pure gold and with one simple aim: to give you a razor-sharp edge in the markets today.

The Technical Trader Hotsheet is the only publication of it's kind that dares to put it on the line and tell you which direction each global market is about to take. You get it straight, no fluff, no filler just killer tips to skyrockret your profits.

The accuracy of this analysis and these predictions is truly astonishing. The Hotsheet is so potent it could be worth thousands of dollars to you every single month.

But stop! You must agree to keep these predictions to yourself under lock and key! You must agree to use them sparingly and honorably and give other traders a fighting chance to survive in the markets.

Can The Hotsheet Really Make This Difference?

Absolutely! You bet it can.

Listen, I'm not going to tell you that you'll make thousands of dollars every day and never drop a cent again. If anyone tells you that, please turn and walk away. I'm not going to say you'll double your money in two weeks or be out partying with pop-stars every night with your new-found wealth.

I'm going to give it to you straight. My address and phone number are on the bottom of every page of this web-site. You'll see I have a real e-mail address and I answer all questions personally.

Believe me when I say that if The Hotsheet doesn't revolutionize your trading, arouse run-away enthusiasm and fire-up your results to non-stop profits then no other book, course or service will. And that's the plain and simple truth.


The Technical Trader Hotsheet
How YOU can trade like a pro and
suck huge profits from the markets

Forget just about everything you've heard from the latest so called trading guru. These guys write a great article but have never made a cent trading markets. You will waste thousands of days and thousands of dollars trying to follow their tips. To be successful - follow great traders, not great writers. The Hotsheet maps out a complete blueprint for you to suck huge profits from any market you choose.

Here's just a fraction of what's hidden away for you deep inside The Hotsheet:

Discover which direction the market is heading next. No matter which world market you trade, the direction is crystal clear with a powerful "at a glance summary". Instantly see the market direction over the short, medium and long term. Whatever your time frame your profits will soon be soaring out of sight.

Killer reasons why the market will head that direction. Sneak inside the mind of a hugely successful trader. John Piper gives you a fully detailed breakdown of the reasons why the market is about to move in a given direction. Armed with this inside knowledge, your trades will almost place themselves for bumper profits.

Stop the market from stealing back a profit which is rightfully yours. Time after time, the market moves to a key level, then swallows back every cent of profit and more. To avoid being savaged by the market ensure you have these key levels burned deep in your mind.

Regular interviews and features with some of the world's most successful traders. You don't have to wait for years until someone collects them in an outdated book. These exclusive articles are up to the minute and jam-packed full of dynamite tips and advice you can use immediately to skyrocket your profits. This alone is worth ten times the price of The Hotsheet.

Little known trading concepts and strategies to explode your trading. You simply can't find these anywhere else and you will not even know they exist but once you uncover them, trading will never be the same again. The Hotsheet is crammed to bursting point with gems that could each bring you thousands of dollars profit now.

And so much more...

The Technical Trader Hotsheet will guide you through the choppy waters that lie immediately ahead of world markets. There's never been a time with a greater need for such a valuable service. Without The Hotsheet, you could be throwing away hundreds or thousands of dollars in profits every month. Who knows what price you will pay if you miss just one edition? It will pay for itself over and over again.

But you don't have to take my word for it - here's what other Hotsheet customers have to say:

Excited Customers Rave About
The Technical Trader Hotsheet


"Unequaled skill and objectivity…"

"I know of no technical analyst operating today whose skills and objectivity equal that of John Piper."

- Bob Beckham

"One of The Best…"

"The Technical Trader Hotsheet must rate among the best I have read."

- CH, Fund Manager

"The Most Practical Advice…"

"The Technical Trader Hotsheet gives by far the most practical advice."

- SR, Warwicks

"Great service…"

"I very much enjoy the service."

- PC, Guernsey


"I think it is excellent, each issue is a continuation of the previous and if you are wrong you say so."

- BM, Dorset


"First, I would like to say how much I appreciate what you are doing. I like your clarity and economy of style. I like your reliability - I like your responsibility - I like your publication."

- TO, London

John Piper usually charges $200 per hour for traders to consult with him and receive the priceless benefits of his market experience. Jam-packed inside The Hotsheet for you is every lesson he's ever learnt in 16 years of trading and killer forecasts of the current direction. That's 16 years times $200 per hour.

Heck, if there were only 12 hours worth of knowledge in The Hotsheet that would be a value of $2400. But there's far more than 12 hours worth of value inside. More than 24 hours of preparaion, interview and analaysis goes into each and every edition. That's nearly $5000 of value.

I would gladly hand over hundreds of dollars per edition, becase it has made me many mulitples of this amount in profit after profit. But hundreds of dollars per edition would mean there's a possibility you may not order and you'll never see the benefit of the gems inside.

$1000 is a tiny fraction of what The Hotsheet could be worth to you but you'll be amazed to discover that a 3 month subscription is less than a tenth of this amount. Normally a 3 month subscription to The Hotsheet is $125 but you can begin your journey to profits now for the introductory price of only $69!

What, am I crazy? For less than the price of a good meal out for two, you could be eating in style for a lifetime!! What is that actually worth to you?


This introductory price WILL increase without notice so please do not delay. You'll be beating yourself up if you return tomorrow and the price has doubled, as I cannot guarantee to hold this price past midnight tonight.

$69 is less than 1.5 points on an S&P 500 emini contract and less than 5 points on a FTSE contract. The average daily range from high to low of both of these markets is worth many times the price of a 3 month subscription - and that's just with one contract. Imagine how much you could make if you could catch the high and low each day with two or more contracts...

FACT: If you really want to be a successful trader, you must seek out those who are already successful and discover their reasons for success. Inside The Technical Trader Hotsheet, John Piper unleashes his vast experience and delivers it to you in an easy to understand, simple to follow but uniquely informative style. Once you've read it you'll discover it's virtually impossible for your trading not to improve.

Order this remarkable regular publication now and begin to rake in the profits immediately. The Technical Trader Hotsheet is published twice monthly and can be read on any pc or Mac with the free Acrobat Reader.

Subscriptions are available for your choice of 3 months, 6 months or 12 months and every edition could be worth thousands of dollars to you - but before you rush to order, please wait...

... there's one final bonus to sweeten the pot:

100% 'Risk-Free' Guarantee

In case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make this opportunity as risk-free as possible. So I will completely guarantee your success using The Technical Trader Hotsheet with my ironclad, rock-solid, bullet-proof guarantee:

If, after receiving "The Hotsheet" you don't believe it is everything I say it is... if you aren't positively thrilled with all the moneymaking potential it has for you... if it doesn't give you goose bumps and an unbearable itching for the next trading day to start... or if you're dissatisfied in any way, simply let me know any time within the first 30 days for a 100% money back refund.

That means you'll get at least 2 free editions to "test drive", absorb and evaluate this astonishing inside knowledge and if you ever do want a refund it's on its way - no hassles and no silly questions.

Why would I make such a one-sided guarantee in your favor?

Well, the truth is I'm not really worried about refunds because I've been blown away by the power of The Technical Trader Hotsheet in my own trading. In fact once you get your hands on this stunning information and see the incredible potential, you'd have to be almost insane to pass it up. I can't possibly be any fairer than that.

As you've read all the way to here, you've already proven you are 'better' than the mass crowd. Most will just glance over a page and then surf on to the next blindly, but you are different. Listen up: winners win and losers quit. You are reading every last word and this desire to seek out more, this attention to detail and non-stop persistence you have already shown, are the factors critical to you becoming a winner.

You've already shown you've got what it takes to create your very own run-away profits frenzy. Why not go ahead? You can only gain from this offer - you owe it to yourself and your future to take advantage of this "risk-free" guarantee. The risk is entirely on my shoulders.

Order now to ensure you catch every cash-packed gem inside. Without The Technical Trader Hotsheet you could waste years of your time and thousands of dollars.

One thing is certain: if you continue doing what you've always done, you will only get the same results. With The Technical Trader Hotsheet you will have a brand new edge over every other trader. Go ahead, order now and watch the incredible revolution in your trading profits.

Trust your gut feeling and go for it! You'll be glad you did.


Paul Handforth

P.S. Don't forget with our 100% risk free guarantee there's just no way you can lose. As a trader your ultimate dream may be to find that holy grail of a risk free trade. The one where it's impossible for you to lose but you have everything to gain. Well I've just handed you your dream trade - it's 100% risk free, impossible to lose and just waiting for you to snap it up. Order The Technical Trader Hotsheet now, free of any risk.

P.P.S. The Hotsheet has fast become the only "must read" goldmine for you as a trader, who's serious about profits and becoming a winner. Order now to discover what's causing all the excitement and what it will do for you. But you need to act quickly before we raise the price again.

P.P.P.S. You don't even need to make up your mind now. Order The Technical Trader Hotsheet, try out the next 2 issues, absorb it, apply it to your trading and see what you think after that. If you are even 1% unhappy at any time in the first 30 days, just let me know and a full refund is on it's way to you in seconds and you've tried it for free. What is the next step you're going to take to improve your trading? Order The Technical Trader Hotsheet now!

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